Here are the top questions our customers ask us. If you need more help, just give us a call on 0114 4786 400 and speak directly to a member of our friendly team. We’re the people who make every Spongey mattress ... so you can trust us to know everything about them.

The flagship Spongey luxury mattress features a unique combination of premium materials. Our revolutionary patented design allows for perfect body contour and keeps you cool through the night. Natural latex is layered onto luxury memory foam, supported by a high density foam base. This unique and functional arrangement creates the perfect sleep surface – hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and super comfy.

Our ComfyLayer System incorporates a breathable 100% natural latex layer (Talalay) at the top, a comforting middle layer of luxury memory foam, and a base of denser support foam. These layers combine to provide core support, pressure relief on back, hips and shoulders, and cooling all night long.

100% natural latex – Breathable material created from natural tree sap, which provides cooling, support and bounce.

Memory foam – Lusciously soft material, which provides support and comfort.

Support foam – Denser foam which provides a great level of support to ensure you don’t sink into the bed.

All Spongey’s core layers are encased in a hand-sewn cover, micro-quilted on the surface for extra cushioning and featuring quilted side panels to round off the Spongey luxury mattress.


what makes spongey springs® different?

Spongey Springs is specifically designed to provide extra support for people with chronic back and hip pain. We aim to mirror the level of comfort offered by the Spongey mattress while ensuring maximum responsiveness and support. We use two inches of our award-winning luxury memory foam to provide comfort, cooling and effective body contour.

Spongey Springs has 2000 pocket springs of variable density that measure 6 inches in depth, each encased in individual pocket sleeves. These provide individual responsive body support thanks their independent movement properties. This means the heavier parts of your body receive the most amount of support. When you lie on on the springs, they work dynamically in sync to push back on your unique bodily configuration ensuring a comfortable, supportive sleep.

Our award-winning luxury memory foam is hypoallergenic and cooling. This new hybrid memory foam combines the comfort and contour of the highest quality foam materials with the cooling properties of latex. A longer, more comfortable sleep is easily achieved within a few days of adjusting to the mattress.

Choosing a mattress can be tricky and confusing! There’s often too many options, and it’s no help when you have pushy salespeople bamboozling you with confusing jargon designed to make you spend more for less.

We’re straightforward. That’s what makes us so easy to deal with. We want to simplify the buying process by offering the perfect mattress for the majority of people — one that provides the optimum level of comfort, support and cooling. After speaking with experts and testing hundreds of designs, we realised there is no such thing as the perfect mattress because everyone’s preferences are unique and individual.

We learned that most people prefer a similar broad level of firmness and so we designed the perfect pocket spring mattress and the perfect memory foam mattress — both carefully crafted to help people sleep better for longer and reduce pain in sensitive areas. We won’t keep you stuck between a rock and a squishy place.

We’re so confident about the benefits our mattresses offer that we have no hesitation about providing a free 100 night trial.

Why not try it for yourself?


They say practice makes perfect, so after we developed our first perfect mattress … we went ahead and developed another one. We realised that if we wanted to help people sleep better, we needed to cater to every demand. This is why we created a pocket spring version of our award-winning Spongey memory foam mattress. The Spongey Springs hybrid mattress provides extra support for those with chronic back or joint pain while still delivering on the comfort thanks to our unique memory foam layers. The flagship Spongey mattress is perfect for most people and provides a universally comfortable sleep surface.

Yes, you can! We don’t believe you can get a true feel for a mattress by lying on it for a few minutes — especially in a warehouse the size of an aircraft hangar. The only true test is to sleep on it, which is why we offer our 100 Night Trial with no springs attached.

We’re confident you’ll love Spongey, but if it isn’t right for any reason, simply let us know within 100 days of purchase and not only will we give you a full refund, we’ll collect the mattress too. We recommend you allow a minimum of 30 days to adjust to Spongey as it might take your body a while to get used to a new mattress. Check our customer reviews! Time and time again, our happy customers say they never needed to take us up on our 100 Night Trial because Spongey delivered on all of its promises from Day One. Please see terms and conditions for more nitty gritty detail. 

We hope you will love your Spongey mattress, but if you are still not happy you’re more than welcome to phone or email us.

We will contact you to discuss the collection process and arrange a date to suit your schedule with minimum fuss.


Meticulous research and streamlined manufacturing are key. By partnering with manufacturers and dealing directly with you, we cut out the annoying middleman and deliver savings straight to you.

Unlike some other mattress companies, we have low staff and marketing overheads — and no major investors looking for quick returns. It’s just you … and us. One to one and personable, just like it should be. We’re small, we’re friendly, we’re family-run, and our objective is really a very simple one … to provide great value to customers seeking top quality mattresses made in the UK. This is why our mattresses are the fairest priced deal on the market. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. We’re in it for the long haul and we take pride in looking after the people who love our mattresses as much as we do.


Standard memory foam mattresses provide comfort but often retain too much heat. This is why we merged natural latex with cooling memory foam to create the perfect mattress. The latex foam is uniquely cool and breathable and ensures you feel comfortable through the night.

Natural latex is a man-made material created from naturally occurring tree sap. This material comes in two types, but we only use the lusciously soft and supple Talalay latex because its quality matches the high standards we set for our mattresses.

Talalay offers the perfect sleeping surface. It has hypoallergenic and anti-microbial properties and features open pores throughout to increase airflow, keeping you cool from dusk till dawn.

Spongey provides more movement-isolating qualities than a spring mattress, so while we wouldn’t recommend jumping on the mattress while it has a cup of tea resting on it, there’s no problem at all if your sleeping partner is more than 15cm away because it’s unlikely their movement will disturb you. Or vice versa! So … peace all round.

Spongey won’t sink or sag in the middle. The base foam provides excellent support, allowing the middle memory foam layer to provide comfort. You won’t be left feeling ‘stuck’ on this mattress. Meanwhile, Spongey Springs has 2000 pocket springs to provide extra support and bounce. No getting ‘stuck’ on this mattress, that’s for sure!

Like any new product, you’ll detect a new smell when you open it up. This is especially true of latex products. However, we use a water-based adhesive instead of the normal solvent-based adhesive. This eliminates most chemical smells, but you may experience a strong foam smell initially. Don’t worry, it won’t last! We advise leaving the mattress in a well ventilated room for 24-48 hours after unboxing. Any odour should dissipate soon enough.

Our products have been developed and designed by mattress industry experts with more than 25 years’ experience. Spongey mattresses are manufactured entirely in the UK. That’s everything — from the hand-sewn quilted cover through to the thread itself.

It sure does! Our special vac-pack & roll technology compresses the mattress to a fraction of its usual size, making it small enough to fit in a box. This substantially reduces delivery costs, meaning we can pass on the savings to you. Also, it makes carrying the mattress up stairs and round corners so much easier. Taken together, our eco-friendly packaging and efficient shipping are kind to the planet. So it’s a win-win all round.


Single – 32cm X 32cm X 95cm

Small Double – 32cm X 32cm X 140cm

Double – 32cm X 32cm X 140cm

King – 32cm X 32cm X 155cm

S/King 32cm X 32cm X 185cm

Not as much as you’d think … and here are the figures.


Single: 20kg

Small Double: 25kg

Double: 30kg

King Size: 38kg

Superking: 45kg

Spongey Springs:

Single: 25kg

Small Double: 30kg

Double: 35kg

King Size: 45kg

Super King: 50kg

Do remember please that taking care of your back is always the smart way to lift. So even if you think you’re a superhero, be sure to get a trusty sidekick to help you, especially if you’re moving the mattress upstairs.

Your mattress will be delivered to your door within 3-5 working days from the day of purchase. For example, if you order before midnight on Monday, the mattress will be delivered by Thursday. Order by midnight on Thursday and you’ll receive the mattress on Tuesday at the latest.

We will send you a confirmation email once the mattress has been dispatched and a tracking code so you can follow its progress. Unlike some companies, we don’t make mattresses in bulk and leave them to linger in storage because this can lead to damage. Instead, each mattress is lovingly handmade for you when your order is placed.

Delivery is free to mainland UK and Ireland.


First, move the mattress safely into the appropriate room. Once it’s out of its special vac-pack & roll packaging, it won’t go back in again! Make sure there are always at least two people moving the mattress so you look after yourselves as you go.

Next, remove the mattress from the box and position it in place on the bed, making sure it’s the right way up. Remove the plastic cover and watch it magically inflate. Ideally, you should allow 24-48 hours for the mattress to inflate fully and regain full foam density. Keep the room well ventilated for this time period as occasionally there is a new mattress odour.


We’re extremely confident about all our products, and this reflects the care we take at every stage of their manufacture, from research to delivery. That’s why every Spongey mattress comes with a 10-year manufacturing guarantee — a whole decade of pressure-free slumber. Spongey is made to last, but should it ever fail you during its generous guarantee period, we’ll repair it or exchange it for a brand new mattress. For more details about our 10-year guarantee, please see our Terms & Conditions.

We recommend spot cleaning the mattress with warm water and a mild detergent. The cover is removable but this is not recommended because doing so may cause problems when placing it back on the mattress. Additionally, removing the cover without instruction invalidates the 10-year guarantee.